What's New

Executive "Gel Polish" Manicure 45 min $50.00
(French Polish add $5.00 and 5 minutes)    
NOTE: If removal of Gel Polish is required add 15 minutes    
Includes the traditional Executive Manicure but includes a Gel Polish application. Gel Polish is non-damaging, offers excellent durability and typically lasts 2-4 weeks without chipping.    
Relaxation "Cat Nap" Massage    
Enjoy a soothing, aromatherapeutic, Swedish-style massage (gentle pressure). Perfect for relaxing your senses.    
  60 min $60.00
  45 min $45.00
  30 min $30.00
Luminous Lift Facial 60 min $130.00
This result-driven Facial Treatment works on the pleasure receptors of the brain with its decadent chocolate aroma while effectively toning the skin and unveiling a dramatically smoother, more luminous skin tone. Treatment includes an Advanced AHA Treatment and Hand Revitalizing Treatment.
Semi-Permanent Lash Extensions    
Semi-Permanent Lash Extensions dramatically enhance the eyes, making lashes fuller and longer while maintaining a natural-look. Each semi-permanent lash is individually applied, allowing for a unique and personalized-look to maximize results. On average, lashes remain for about 6-8 weeks with fills required every 2-3 weeks.
Full Set: Traditional 60 min $65.00
Full Set: Drama Queen 75 min $80.00
Fill: Traditional 30 min $35.00
Fill Set: Drama Queen 45 min $40.00
Foot Massage 20 min $20.00